7-Eleven, Inc. App Reviews

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Read the description.

This app actually has simplified coupons. You just need to get the employee to scan the item and then scan the barcode at the bottom of your coupon page


The people their scanned it and it wouldnt work.... Kinda mad...

Terrible app

What a scam

Ruined it

Doesnt work over half the time

Its getting worse and worse

It used to be the best app out there...and then BAM the last update came in and made it so that I couldnt redeem any coupons, and then the most recent update made it so I dont even see the coupons...? Bring it back to the old version!!!

App doesnt work and they no longer have offers

It is extremely difficult to get the app working. And now from what I see is that they have even stopped offering any goodies in the offer section. They will ask you go through their bs offers on the side bars. Not useful, dont waste time downloading.

Needs Improvement

After the recent updates, I have not been able to access the deals available for the 7-11 week promotion. I was able to close and restart the app to have them pop up but not consistently. Now, even that does not work.

Bad update

Was an awesome app but the latest update ruined it.

Awful. Waste of iPhone space.

Used to be great. Then they updated it. Now it is horrible. Does not work. The coupons are gone. The app is crappy. Dont bother with it, its a waste of phone space. Dont get. Really. I mean it.


You guys used to get 5 stars from everyone, and now everyone wants to give it 0 stars! BRING BACK OUR CUPONS!!!!!!

Omg i love this app

This app changed my life. A wopping 0.75¢ Of a mountain dew!!!!! This app restored my faith in god, and gave my the courage to come out of the closet .oh thank heaven for 7-11 !!!

Does not work

This app generated the coupons the first week but has yet to work since. It has caused me to waste so much time in 7-11 stores because the so called coupons wont generate and the stores cant do anything unless it generates. Save yourself the hassle until they release an update that explicitly says it has resolved this problem.


Doesnt work. Theres no coupon bar code that appears , so theres no point of having the app.

Barely works.

Ends up giving me coupons to stuff that no 7/11 has in town. The deals hardly show up, and when they do, they change by the time I get there. So tired of this app, I might delete it and start going to Macs.

Love it

Best app ever I love this app so much it helps a lot thank you so much for making this app for us


Its a awesome amazaning app cant believe they made souch a good app


You need wifi

Not bad

The app is pretty good, the only downside is when I am not connected to wifi the app glitches, if it could be fixed that would be great,

Decent app except...

Doesnt allow me to enter my province in my profile. Just comes up as blank instead of a list of provinces.

Its great!!!

I love getting free stuff so this app is perfect! Plus the promo tab with the contests makes it easy to enter too. The only thing that would make it better is maybe earning points for the amount of times you use the app and also linking gift cards to it to pay for things.

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